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Sexy English amateur babe Layla Lee joined us for another cum-drenched bukkake party shoot. This sexy little cum junkie loves blokes, loves getting fucked and loves taking a face full of jizz. She says it makes her feel like a right little slut, and makes her little fanny sopping wet.... which, in turn gets her BFs cock rock hard! You see, we don't just get sexy girls to take facials, we actually do some good for couples sex lives!.... ahem! Well its just another top bukkake for SPLATBUKKAKE.COM. Part of the UKXXXPass Network


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Lovely Devon Breeze (aka Randy Rachel) and the stunning Chantelle Fox are no strangers to a bukkake party and gangbang! They only need to turn up and the guys have their cocks bulging immediately. Good job too becaue they dont take prisoners, and they didnt in this shoot. The guys didn't stand a chance as they sucked their cocks until their veins were bulging, before unloading sticky jizz all over their sexy faces! And another top bukkake party for SPLATBUKKAKE.COM. Part of the UKXXXPass Network


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Sexy English babe Lola Marie really enjoyed her first bukkake party with us, so couldnt wait to come back and get a fucking in a gangbang party too! This sexy little British ebony stunner is a real favourite with site members so far because its PLAINLY obvious from her pics, that she utterly LOVES all the erotic attention. Being surrounded by a group of stiff cocks that all want to fuck her is a major turn on and she loved taking every pounding and cumshot! And another great gangbang party for SPLATBUKKAKE.COM. Part of the UKXXXPass Network


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Rachel is a veteran cum junkie and has been to many, many of our parties just to come and enjoy a gangbang. She loves her guys, loves her cock and loves taking a facefull of jizz. Good job really, because she was the star of our latest bukkake shoot party! And another cracking party it was for SPLATBUKKAKE.COM. Part of the UKXXXPass Network


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Sexy young Layla had already enjoyed a couple of bukkake shoot parties with us and couldn't wait to come back for more cock! This lusty young English woman has a real penchant for indulging multiple guys at once, so bukkake and gangbang party sex is right up her alley!! Another great gangbang and facials shoot party ONLY at SPLATBUKKAKE.COM. Part of the UKXXXPass Network


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Lovely Roxy Roxx wrote to us originally becuse shed heard about our parties and really wanted to come and take a face full of jizz from a bunch of strangers. Two bukkakes later and now she wants the tits fucking off her in a gangbang party. No problem babe! We didnt have many guys to hand though this week, which was a shame, but Roxy got fucked and took another face full of spunk, so she certainyl went home gangbang happy! Another great gangbang and facials shoot party ONLY at SPLATBUKKAKE.COM. Part of the UKXXXPass Network


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Gorgeous Layla Lee very much enjoyed her debut bukkake and gangbang party. She came along to our Christmas party, sucked cock, took facials and got a good gangbanging with Chantelle Fox. The two of them tore through the assembled amateur guys and drained their cocks. Layla enjoyed herself so much she asked to come back for another bukkake to take a load more facials. When a sexy young girl come and asks you that with a glint in her eye, there really is only one answer! Another superb bukkake shoot party ONLY at SPLATBUKKAKE.COM. Part of the UKXXXPass Network


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Lovely black babe Lola Marie is a sexy girl we met in the park one lunchtime. This sexy woman took some time out to enjoy the sun and eat her lunch. We thought she looked amazing so snook up and took some pics of her. She saw us and asked if we wanted to take some proper ones. Then she lifted her skirt and showed us her slim legs and fine ass. She was clearly a very horny woman that day so we took a chance and just asked her if she wanted to suck a load of cocks and take a load of facials in a bukkake party. She'd never experienced one before but was horny as hell so came along!!! After we rustled up a few guys, it didnt take them long to get a long boner on - Lola started sucking and it was only a matter of time before she got a face full!!! Another cracking bukkake shoot ONLY at SPLATBUKKAKE.COM. Part of the UKXXXPass Network


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Sexy English amateur Mel loves sucking dicks, but she'd never enjoyed more than one guy at a time, let alone a bukkake party. She'd not ever done anything on film either, so she was doubly nervous. But then as soon as she started sucking cocks with her sidekick Rachel, she soon settled down and was in her element. It didnt take long before the jizz started flying either! Yet another great facial bukkake shoot ONLY at SPLATBUKKAKE.COM. Part of the UKXXXPass Network


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Filipino babe Faye greatly enjoyed her debut bukkake party with us and relished the amount of cum she took on her face. When she stumbled upon our makeshift gloryhole on the way out of SB towers,she couldnt but help herself from sucking on a few more cocks! This woman just can't take enough facials! Yet another great cumshot shoot ONLY at SPLATBUKKAKE.COM. Part of the UKXXXPass Network